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2015 AGM - Thursday Feburary 5

The 2015 AGM of the Victoria Park Community Cricket League will be held on Thursday February 5.
Location: The Royal Inn On The Park, 111 Lauriston Road, London E9 7JH

Please arrive by 6:30pm for registration / checking contact details
The meeting will start promply at 7pm


2014 Season Honours

League Champions: Dynamite Ducks (Rule 20)
Cup Winners:
Community Cup:
Division Two winners: Tawheed
Division Three winners: Victoria Lounge
Division Four winners: Regents

For historic list of champions and cup winners, click here...

Results, league tables and individual team stats from previous seasons can be viewed here or by clicking on 'Archived Results' in left-side column.

For the 2014 season all our matches and results are listed in the white CricHQ window below. To see all matches and results, click on the listing for "Victoria Park Community Cricket League" and then on "Fixtures". To find league tables click on the individual competion rounds and choose "Standings".

To see which teams were in each conference (the first-stage mini-leagues that decided which division sides would play in) click here...

To enter results team adminstrators should click on the CricHQ logo to log in - then choose Admin, then Clubs; click on your team name and then choose Schedule and select the match (you may have to extend the date range to find the game). You can either enter a basic score (headline scores plus overs) or a full scorecard - which will create statistics for each player. Each team has been allocated team adminstrators and can create additional adminstrators if they wish.

For help on CricHQ try their detailed help pages here... If you have further queries about adminstration or scoring, contact Results Secretary Firoz Hussain.

For full scorecards you will need to make sure all your players are in the system - add players in CricHQ by going to Admin, then Clubs, choose your team and then select Players and click on the orange triangle on the right to add each new player. Once you have added new players you should put each one in the team squad - select Team, type the new player's name and when it comes up, click on it to select it. (NB - this may seem a rigmarole but the system is designed to cater for clubs with lots of teams - so they can allocate club players to different teams to speed up finding their names for scorecards. Of course, in our league the clubs usually only have one team)

Other news and weather map shown below...

Click for more details of today's weather from the Met Office website

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