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Tower Cavaliers v Central London 

Monday 28 July 2008, Victoria Park
Tower Cavaliers beat Central London by 4 runs

Tower Cavaliers: 151 for 4 in 16 overs
Steve 'McQueen' Williams 53 not out
Doctor Paul Johnson 43
Iain Pendrigh 16

Central London: 151 for 5 in 16 overs
Mo Bapu Gupta - top scorer
Mahrul 3-21

Confusion, confusion & confusion. Good game played in good spirit.

CLARIFICATION required.... A situation came up where a batsmen was caught behind on a no ball. During the moments that followed confusion reigned! The wicketkeeper took the opportunity to 'run out' the batsman on strike. The batsmen were not attempting a run. Is he out or not out?

Members of the public voiced their opinions - mostly in extreme fashion. Bert was also present and was unsure of what should be given as the correct decision. In the end it was decided that the benfit of the doubt should be given to the batsmen.

But what is the DEFINITIVE ruling? Any thoughts?

Submitted by Alkesh Solanki of Tower Cavaliers


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