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London Fields v Masiha

Monday 4 August 2008, Victoria Park
London Fields beat Masiha by 40 runs

London Fields: 149 for 2 in 16 overs
Will 50*
T Graham 2/20
J Avery 1/15
S Proud 1/12?
P Turley 1/30

Masiha: 109 for 7 in 16 overs

A competitive game played in terrific spirit, Masiha play the game in a manner to which all teams should aspire to. The big man (name??) from Masiha threatened to pull off a remarkable win but was run out by a brilliant turn and throw from John Avery to effectively seal the game two overs from the end.

NB. Prior to the start, London Fields were informed of an expected late arrival (Rule 25), as there were no subsitute fielders involved, there were no objections when he was brought on to bowl. Congrats to all involved in getting the full 32 overs played before darkness enveloped the ground.

Submitted by Tyrone Graham


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