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The Ducks v Victoria Lounge

Wednesday 13 May 2009, Victoria Park
The Ducks won by 9 runs

The Ducks won the toss and chose to bat first

The Ducks: 133 for 2 in 14 overs
Sibet Hussain 52 not out
Mo Zubair 23 not out
Zia Hussain 22 n/o
Stevens 4-28-1
Mark 4-26-1

Victoria Lounge: 124 for 4 in 14 overs
Alastair Dunning 37
Will 36 n/o
James 11
Craig 11
Sibet Hussain 4 25 2
A Butt 4 24 1
Z Hussain 4 27 0

This match was highlighted with the debut of one our most lethal and upcoming junior Ducks, Kasim Hussain.  Put into field for the first he was ducking and diving to protect his assigned terriority like a soldier on the front line, gave a flawless Man Of The Match performance, and could have easily been mistaken for a young JONTY RHODES saving countless boundries.

Loosing an early wicket, bought into play the dangerous and highly sought after "Dynamite Duck Sibet", with an unbeaten half century showing some classical batting strokes, helped by the " Tactician Mohammed Zubair" on the other end, tactically stroking through the gaps.

Victoria Lounge came very close after taking the match to the wire, with 37 required from the last 3 overs, but tight line and length from the Death bowlers kept the score at bay.

Submitted by Zia Hussain of The Ducks


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