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London Wanderers v Victoria Lounge

Tuesday 19 May 2009, Victoria Park
London Wanderers won by 84 runs

London Wanderers won the toss and chose to bat first

London Wanderers: 197 for 2 in 16 overs
Howie Shearing 50no
Rob Morgan 50no
Luke Myers 37
Tom Stevens 26
Will Floyd 1/26 (2)
Chris Stevens 1/57 (4)

Victoria Lounge: 113 for 4 in 16 overs
Jim Crutcher 51no
Nigel 26no
Will Floyd 12
Al Dunning 11
Riv Monsell 2/13 (4)
Luke Myers 2/21 (2)

London Wanderers won the toss and batted. They had a good start, with Tom Stevens hitting his brother Chris for 6. He gave him some further tap, but family battle ended when Chris got Tom (26) out. Shearing (50no) worked his way to retirement well with some good hitting.

Myers (37) and Morgan (50no) added some more lusty hitting to leave the Lounge with 197 to chase. Lounge made a good start, with Jim Crutcher (51no) in particular hitting the ball very well, lots of classy boundaries.

Great tight bowling from Monsell (2/13 off 4) got the Lounge behind the run rate, and wickets were falling every so often. Nigel (26no) came in to support Crutcher and pushed their score along with some nice hitting, but in the end there wasn't enough time.

Submitted by Rob Morgan of London Wanderers


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