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Tower Cavaliers v East London Community

Tuesday 26 May 2009, Victoria Park
East London Community won by 4 wickets

Tower Cavaliers won the toss and chose to bat first

Tower Cavaliers: 108 for 5 in 16 overs
Stuart Onslow 2 bowled Saeed
Abbas Rizvi 10 bowled Saeed
Steve Williams 50 not out (retired)
Ken Marshall 5 bowled Mahroof
Andrew Dickson 16 bowled Altaf
Cain Duncan 9 not out
Paul Johnson 1 bowled Altaf
Rob Waugh 0 not out.
Saeed 3-2-13
Mahroof 4-0-34
Mohit 4-0-38
Altaf 4-2-10
Iqbal 1-0-3

East London Community: 110 for 3 in 15 overs
Shakel 10 bowled Williams
Altaf 11 c and b Williams
Mohit 13 bowled Duncan
Iqbal 32 not out
Syed 40 not out.
Williams 4-2-16
Duncan 4-1-25
Dickson 4-0-31
Rizvi 3-0-37

Another bright but windy evening at the Park. Cavaliers chose to bat but tight bowling and regularly falling wickets prevented them getting into full flow.

Syed and Altaf in particular proved hard to get away with the ball showing a tendency to keep low off the wicket. Only Williams settled and shone with 50 which included five fours and a big six.

Scoring slowed again after he retired and a modest total of 108 was reached off 16 overs. East London Community were contained well by Williams and Duncan initially and had reached only 42 for 3 at the halfway stage.

From here Iqbal and Syed took the score along and required 20 from the last 3 overs.They reached the winning total of 110 with one over to spare, aided by the strong wind which had Rizvi struggling to find his line and length.

A close game played in a good spirit, hope we meet again later in the season.

Submitted by Rob Waugh of Tower Cavaliers


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