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London Fields v Victoria Lounge

Tuesday 16 June 2009, Victoria Park
London Fields won by 137 runs

London Fields won the toss and chose to bat first

London Fields: 215 for 1 in 16 overs
Robin Friend 55*
Karl Lacis 51*
Paul Teasdale 46
Troy Utz 42*
Mark: 4-0-1-59
Alastair: 4-0-0-53

Victoria Lounge: 78 for 6 in 9.5 overs
James 26
Alastair 21
Paul Turley: 3-0-4-8
Tyrone Graham: 2-0-1-16
RJ: 3-0-1-24

Victoria Lounge turned up with only 6 men (a 7th turned up later...) and some handcrafted balsa wood stumps. Their task ahead was going to be difficult due to the lack of fielders - not because of the lighter-than-air stumps.

London Fields won the toss and opted to bat first against the under-strength, wood whittling opposition - two twigs were used for bails. The LFCC openers found the wide, wiiiiiide gaps in the Lounge's ring of four fielders with relative ease. Robin "4 byes" Friend retired on 55* after only 6 overs had been bowled.

His departure didn't make things any easier for the Lounge as Karl "Karl's Berg" Lacis wandered to the crease and received an immediate lifeline after being dropped trying to clear the long on boundary but only managing to sky it to deep mid-on.

He took advantage of the let off and didn't look back - going on to post the Fields' second half century of the afternoon. Dropped catches would be the Lounge's Achilles heel throughout the afternoon as all (4?) but one juggled-catch by their 'keeper, were shelled.

Karl's retirement brought in the big hitting Troy "I sit on children" Utz - who either hits or, uh... misses. Seizing his chance, with a stack of runs already on the board - Troy flayed the ball to all parts of the ground like a red leather hating lunatic - the highlight being two consecutive sixes back over the bowler's head.

Unfortunately for Troy the 16 overs finished before he could post his own 50, he would have to settle for 42* which must have come off only 15 or 20 deliveries. He may have had more balls to face if Paul "rollin' coffin" Teasdale, the skinny jean wearing Fields' opener, rotated the strike a little better.

Paul complained of his borrowed bat being too heavy, this combined with his scrawny little arms meant he could not get bat on ball as often as he (or we) would have liked, his agonizing innings of play-and-miss ended on a creditable 46 with a well taken hot-potato styled catch from the Lounge 'keeper.

Chasing a whopping 216 for victory with only 7 batsmen was always going to be a big ask for a dejected looking Lounge outfit. Tight bowling from opening duo Richard "world time" Johnson and Killian "last minute" Toomey produced an early wicket.

Things started to meander and a change of bowling was required, up strode Paul "love a lefthander" Turley and proceeded to bamboozle the Lounge's batsmen and berate fly slip (or was it short thirdman?) World-time Johnson with monotonous regularity.

The Lounge had no answer to Paul's unerring accuracy and at one point had the chance to take a hat trick. Sadly, he missed his opportunity but went on to take the last wicket 4 balls later to leave the Lounge all out for 78.

Thanks to the 7 brave Lounge-men and their unusual woodcraft for playing the game in good spirit. All the best for the remainder of the season!

Submitted by Tyrone Graham of London Fields


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